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Fort Edmonton Workshop | Edmonton Portrait Photography

Every year at NAIT we have an organized social gathering meant to familiarize us with our peers as well as to allow us to get out for a day shooting, in years past there have been river valley photo walks and Edmonton Valley Zoo trips. While outings like that are generally fun and somewhat useful this year I had a goal to take it up a notch. My mission was to set up a day that allowed both the newest of photography students and the city’s best pros to interact over a day of good conversation and even better imagery, it turned out better than I could have imagined! A huge thank you to my good friend Amanda from Lightside Photography, the amazing Blake Loates of Blake Loates Photography, Sharon Litchfield¬†who is another fantastic photographer here in the city and of course Kristyn Harder, one of Calgary’s premier wedding and portrait shooters! Along with the Amazing pros we had come in we also had some pretty amazing models! Thank you again to everyone who came out, here are some of the photos I took!





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