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Welcome to the Blog!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my blog!

This will be a vision into the crazy inner workings of my photographic endeavours as well as my beyond crazy brain!

Those of you that know me already probably came rushing over here when you heard about my blog because you know that I of all people would be the last to spend my time writing, I mean I take photos for a living! Personally I think sharing my thoughts with you on a regular basis is going to be fun! Like anything else being new at blogging is going to hinder me in the beginning but I promise if you bare with me and join me in laughing at myself when I make rookie mistakes you’re in for something special!


My goal here is to offer you a read that becomes routine for you, so hopefully you’ll ditch that weekly newspaper and enjoy my endeavours with your morning coffee instead! I’m always looking for feedback and suggestions so feel free to share!






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